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Nationality: Fire Nation

Abilities: Herbal expertise

Job History: Princess of the Fire Nation, actress

Relationships: Wife of Ikem, mother of Zuko, Azula and Kiyi, daughter of Rina and Jinzuk, granddaughter of Avatar Roku and Ta Min, former wife of Ozai

Character History: The Last Airbender

Issue Appearances: "The Search - Part One"
"The Search - Part Two"
"The Search - Part Three"

Before her life as a member of the Fire Nation royal family, Ursa was a simple actress in love with a fellow member of her troupe. She was over the moon to be marrying the man of her dreams, when Fire Lord Azulon came to their small town to arrange her marriage to his second-born son, believing the unity with Avatar Roku's bloodline would make their family even more powerful. While Ursa wanted to remain loyal to her beliefs, she also knew the dangers of refusing such a proposal, and for the good of her family, she agreed to be Ozai's wife.

Once married, Ozai forbade her from having any further communication with people from her old life, not even her parents. She would defy this command by writing numerous letters to her lost love, but they were all intercepted by Ozai before they left the palace. He would eventually reveal to her that he knew all about the letters, and that one contained the secret she'd been keeping for years, that Zuko was not his son. He had already been commanded by Fire Lord Azulon to murder Zuko, and he was more than happy to be rid of the reminder of her betrayal before Ursa suggested a plan to spare Zuko's life.

She concocted an untraceable poison that she would give to the Fire Lord and mimic the effects of simply passing away in his sleep, with word that his last wish was for Ozai to rule in his place. But to throw suspicion off of him, Ozai demanded Ursa leave the palace and never return, and without her children so that she'd be compelled never to expose what had occurred that day.

She would go home to Hira'a, where she was surprised by Ikem, who had a new face and new name. After she told him her sob story, he wished to rescue her from Ozai's watchful eye by giving her a new face as well through the Mother of Faces. They journeyed deep into the Forgetful Valley, where the Mother of Faces one day showed herself, and granted Ursa not only a new face, but a mind wiped clean of the pain she wore on her original face. She would from then on be known as Noriko.

Zuko and Azula came to Hira'a years later seeking her out, even staying for a meal at her home with both sides completely unaware of each other. It was only once the Mother of Faces revealed what she'd done that Ikem was forced to admit the truth to his loving wife, and witnessing the pain Azula was in over something she'd done, Noriko asked the Mother of Faces to return her memories. Azula ran off, but Zuko stayed behind and she finally had her chance to be united in peace with her first-born.