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Nationality: Western Air Temple

Abilities: Airbending, Waterbending, Earthbending, Firebending

Relationships: Student of Boma, owner of Pik and Pak

Character History: The Last Airbender

Issue Appearances: "The Rift - Part One"
"The Rift - Part Two"
"The Rift - Part Three"

While not being able to speak with Aang directly, she would continually appear to him in order to lure him to a sacred island where a festival in her honor was held by the Air Nomads. Once there, Aang had a vision of a gigantic beast that attacked, yet he's unable to make sense of it.

When Aang shares a meal with his acolytes, there is enough stillness for Yangchen to reach him, where she explains that Aang's various incarnations will have trouble communicating with him now that he's severed his ties to Avatar Roku, breaking a very delicate chain.

Her true reason for visiting with him is to describe the great value that Yangchen's Festival holds, as it was founded by her promise to the spirit of General Old Iron that humans would honor the spirits for their service to the planet after many years of disrespect. With the Air Nomad traditions having been forgotten due to the Hundred Year War, the spirit of General Old Iron grew angry and lived to attack again, forcing Yangchen to warn Aang of the danger.