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Cabbage Merchant

Nationality: Earth Kingdom

Job History: Cabbage merchant, duh

Relationships: REALLY loves his cabbages

Character History: The Graphic Novel

Episode Appearances: "The King of Omashu"
"The Waterbending Scroll"
"The Serpent's Pass"
"Tales of Ba Sing Se"

Voice Actor: James Sie

A surprisingly knowledgeable merchant of cabbage. He traveled to the city of Omashu to sell his cabbages, and had three different carts full destroyed. He tried again at the Seedy Merchants Pier, where the Avatar used his cabbages to attack pursuing pirates. While trying to transport his cabbages across the bay to Ba Sing Se, an inspector ordered them destroyed for infiltration of cabbage slugs. And even once reaching Ba Sing Se, an escaped zoo animal devoured his cabbages. Our lovable loser, the cabbage merchant.