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Growing ever uncomfortable with Aang and Katara's affection for each other, Sokka decides to head back with Toph to her school while the others continue to the Earth King's palace. Once they reach the school, they see Toph's students sneaking away, but the kids explain that they were ordered to leave by Kunyo, the original master of the dojo who only abandoned it in support of the Fire Lord's order to leave the Earth Kingdom. Toph doesn't enjoy being pushed around, and prepares to do battle with Kunyo when Sokka breaks it up, forming a compromise between the masters by suggesting a match between their respective students, with the winners earning their teacher the rights to the building. They have only three days to master Metalbending, but the recruits haven't even moved metal yet.

Aang and Katara touch down in the Earth Kingdom, but it's getting late, and they'll need a place to stay the night. Fortunately, they run into two girls who are infatuated with the last Airbender, and have developed the Official Avatar Aang Fan Club in his honor. They invite him and Katara to spend the evening with them, where they show Aang everything they've done to honor the spirit of the Air Nomads, which makes Aang feel at home again for the first time in years.

Sokka volunteers to help Toph's students achieve their potential, but every plan he implements only meets with complete failure, making Sokka wonder how Toph arrived on these three to be the future of her specialized art. Toph explains that when she was recruiting, she noticed her space bracelet vibrate when she was near them and only them, so they had to have some kind of potential to move metal if they ever chose to do so. But they were also at moments of great inner turmoil, so Sokka uses that to their advantage, and tries to scare them into Metalbending, but it still doesn't work. Dejected, Toph realizes that her own Metalbending experience was born from her parents trying to shove a square peg in a round hole, and making her students into Metalbenders is essentially doing the same thing to them. When Kunyo returns, she prepares to surrender the school to him, when her students return and Metalbend for the first time. They whip coins around like experts and teach Kunyo's students a lesson, forcing them away from the dojo for good. When Toph asks how they managed to learn so quickly, they admit they overheard her talking about pressuring them, but only because she had faith in them, something no one else had ever had in them before, and that confidence awakened their abilities.

Aang and Katara finally reach the Earth King, and request a meeting between he and Zuko, but King Kuei decide to take a stand for the first time in his life, believing Zuko's actions to be an insult to his ability to lead the Earth Kingdom, and he orders General How to move his army into Yu Dao and force the exile of the Fire Nation. Aang and Katara advise strongly against it, the act being seen as a declaration of war, but King Kuei's decision is final.

Suki finds out about Zuko's secret meetings with Ozai, and tells Mai so she can hopefully bring Zuko to his senses, but she instead confirms how closed off Zuko has become from her, and she breaks up with him. Suki apologizes for snooping around when Zuko is informed of King Kuei's troops marching into Yu Dao, which forces Zuko to send his men in to stop them, a new war just over the horizon.

Issue: "The Promise - Part Two"

Release date: 5/30/12

Story: Mike Dante DiMartino, Bryan Konietzko, Gene Yang

Writer: Gene Yang

Illustrator: Gurihiru Studios