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After both Aang and Zuko share a terrible dream about the Avatar taking the Fire Lord's life, Aang awakens in Yu Dao and immediately warns everyone to clear out before the Earth Kingdom soldiers arrive. Aang and Katara are then attacked by a resistance fighter, and Aang chases after him at top speed, eventually finding out Sneers was behind the ambush. He reveals his love for Kori, and wishes to defend the Fire Nation, even if it means going against the Freedom Fighters. This stance makes Aang hesitate to uphold his own Air Nomad teachings.

Suki pilots a hot air balloon to Beifong Academy, where she picks up Sokka and Toph to help deter Zuko's marching army headed straight for Yu Dao. Sokka comes up with a brilliant idea, and has Toph Metalbend all of the couplings of Zuko's tundra tanks loose, and when the Fire Nation arrives at the gates of Yu Dao, one big stomp by Toph completely dismantles them. The Earth Kingdom makes an official demand for the Fire Nation to vacate, but Zuko commands his troops to stop them, which makes Aang angry and he enters the Avatar State. Katara brings him around once again, and begs him to find a quiet place and make a final judgment on exactly what he needs to do.

Aang flies off and forms a tent of rock, where he meditates and summons Avatar Roku to speak with one last time, with Roku asking him to contemplate the world. Just as the Fire Nation soldiers and Earth Kingdom soldiers are about to fight, Aang emerges from his stone cocoon in the Avatar State and returns to the battlefield, where in one mighty display of Earthbending, he forcibly separates both sides by forming an incredible fissure in the ground. Zuko loses his footing and falls into the divide, where Aang collects him and takes him to the newly created island of Yu Dao, followed by Katara with King Kuei in tow. Aang shows the Earth King that the culture has grown intertwined, and instead of bringing things back to the way they were before the war, the key to peace is in accepting what's become of the world in light of the war. Having had his opinion confirmed by his friend, Zuko is stunned and passes out.

Zuko awakens four days later at Iroh's tea shop, having finally gotten the rest his body had been needing for a long time. He apologizes to Aang for having him make that promise, believing himself to be trying to escape his responsibilities as Fire Lord the whole time. And with Yu Dao now on the proper path, he begins to think his inner peace might come if he's able to find his mother, something Ozai was completely unwilling to help with despite their many recent conversations. So, he turns to the only person in the world Ozai will listen to... Azula.

Issue: "The Promise - Part Three"

Release date: 9/26/12

Story: Mike Dante DiMartino, Bryan Konietzko, Gene Yang

Writer: Gene Yang

Illustrator: Gurihiru Studios