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While attending a summit concerning the future of Yu Dao, Zuko hears a statement made by an Earth Kingdom historian that a healthy nation is governed by a leader hailing from a healthy family. This prompts Zuko to treat his sister more kindly, and he returns to the Fire Nation to talk things out with her. Azula's in no mood, and lashes out within her father's prison cell, subdued by Ty Lee's chi-blocking, but Zuko forgives her for the outburst and returns her to her room in the palace rather than the institution she'd been placed in previously.

While Zuko inquires what she and their father discussed, Azula explains the rubbery nature the limbs take on when the pressure points are triggered, and wriggles free of her straitjacket. She Lightningbends at Zuko, then dashes into a secret chamber within the palace and burns letters their mother had tried to send back to the town where she was raised. If Zuko wanted to know what they said, she'd have to make a deal with him.

Zuko agrees to the terms, and calls in Aang, Katara and Sokka to journey with him to Hira'a, which was apparently the town where his mother grew up. He wanted people he trusted with him, mainly so they could keep watch over an unbound Azula. While they all trust her as far as they can throw her, they agree to help Zuko in any way they can, and everyone boards Appa to fly them to their destination.

Once they get near Hira'a, Aang's face changes with the detection of a powerful spirit. Azula uses the disturbance to escape, leaping off of Appa with Aang swooping down to grab her, but she sets his glider on fire and continues to the ground, where she's stalled by the reflection of her mother in a river speaking to her. Zuko catches up to her and she challenges him to a fight, though he hesitates to attack. Katara freezes her with Waterbending when the spirit Aang felt before appears, and despite his best efforts to calm the wolf creature, it attacks everyone. Appa easily defeats it, which makes the spirit resort to launching a swarm of moth wasps in their direction, which Azula agrees to help them with if they free her. Zuko melts the ice and she uses her Lightningbending to attract the insects while Zuko burns them.

With the night having come, the group sets up camp and Zuko agrees to take the first watch over Azula. When he covers her with a blanket, he sees a note she had stuffed in her boot and reads it, one his mother had written to her true love back home, stating that he is not Ozai's son.

Issue: "The Search - Part One"

Release date: 3/20/13

Story: Mike Dante DiMartino, Bryan Konietzko, Gene Yang

Writer: Gene Yang

Illustrator: Gurihiru Studios