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After venturing into the Spirit World to follow the Big Giant Wolf Spirit, Aang meets the Mother of Faces and brings her back with him to solve everyone's problems. Unfortunately, the Mother of Faces will only grant one wish per season, meaning Zuko's quest will have to wait even longer to allow for Rafa to regain his face. But Azula's tired of waiting, and asks where their mother is first, which the Mother of Faces tells her. Ursa was actually Noren's wife all along, having had both her face and memories taken away. Azula then bolts back to Noren's house to confront her.

When the Mother of Faces decides to leave, Aang leaps into the sacred pool after her to get her to reconsider. She attacks him vehemently, and is eventually annoyed enough to reveal her disdain for humans and their greed, always believing their particular plight to be an exception to the rule. She then commands every being in the forest to scare them into leaving her oasis.

Zuko takes a shortcut back to Hira'a with Sokka in tow, the Water Tribe warrior certain he'll need backup to handle Azula. Zuko finds Noren just as his daughter invites him inside for dinner, which he reluctantly agrees to. He witnesses their happy family with the knowledge he's gained, and decides it best to leave his mother in the peace she's found. As he's about to leave, Azula shows up and in a battle with him and Sokka, they trash the entire home before Azula is able to corner Noriko.

As the plants and animals lunge at the Avatar and his companions, Aang steadily tries to apologize for their actions and leave in peace. But Misu's come too far to stop now, and insists they stay. The battle continues until Rafa's mask comes loose in the melee, revealing that his face wasn't burned, it was completely missing. It reminds Aang of Koh the Face Stealer's ability, stopping the Mother of Faces in her tracks. Koh was her son, and they were separated long ago, believing he began stealing faces in order to hold his mother's creations close to him. She then gave Rafa back the face he'd long been without.

Azula screams at her mother about Zuko not being Ozai's son, entitling her to the throne, forcing Noren to admit everything that occured to his wife. He was Ikem and she was Ursa, and she relinquished her old life to spare everyone she cared for. Noriko then sympathizes with Azula, never wishing for any mother to abandon her child like the one in pain before her. Zuko intervenes to save his mother's life, and finally stands up to Azula, knowing in his heart that he's the one true Fire Lord and that she can't blame their mother for her problems. Azula backs down and runs off, leaving behind the letter that began this turmoil.

Aang and Katara meet up with the others with the Mother of Faces in tow. Noriko is conflicted by what she'd been told happened, and asks the grand spirit to return her face and memories to her. It is done, and Ursa is able to explain that the letter she'd written was a fake, just to test if her theory that Ozai was intercepting her letters was true. Zuko was always his son, and he had indeed rightfully inherited the title of Fire Lord. Now she wanted to know everything else that he had done since they last were together.

Issue: "The Search - Part Three"

Release date: 10/30/13

Story: Mike Dante DiMartino, Bryan Konietzko, Gene Yang

Writer: Gene Yang

Illustrator: Gurihiru Studios