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Amidst the celebration of the unity of Yu Dao, Aang is haunted by visions of Avatar Yangchen. He meditates to try and contact her, but she won't respond, when Katara checks up on him and inadvertently reminds him of an ancient Air Nomad holiday known as Yangchen's Festival.

Aang takes his friends and the Air Acolytes south of Yu Dao to a sacred island where the Air Nomad people used to visit once a year to commemorate Yangchen's defeat of an evil spirit, however the finer details of the event are lost even to Aang himself, who was too busy flying kites with Monk Gyatso to pay attention. While he goes back through history for his followers, Toph is haunted by her own memories of upper crust stuffshirts who never gave her an explanation for anything she had to do other than for tradition's sake.

When the gang reaches what's supposed to be a peaceful meadow, Aang is shocked to see a giant factory instead, with smelly pollutants running through once pristine water. He hops the fence to speak with the owner of the facility, and after a dust-up with the guards, meets Satoru, the young interim leader while his uncle is away. He takes everyone on a tour of the Earthen Fire Refinery, the first joint business venture between Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation, and shows both technological advancements and the future of how commerce will operate in the new world following the Hundred Year War.

Aang is still concerned by what they're doing to the local environment, but Satoru assures him that what's happening isn't the refinery's fault at all. Aang can't bring himself to believe that, but Toph objects, thinking Aang's just sore because he's stuck in the past. While they argue, a machine inside the refinery goes haywire, and the two jump into action to rescue the workers and shut down the device. Just as they're done, Satoru's uncle returns, very upset at the mess and shouts to his associate that they shouldn't have left him in charge. Satoru's associate then walks into the light, none other than Toph's estranged father Lao Beifong.

Issue: "The Rift - Part One"

Release date: 3/5/14

Story: Mike Dante DiMartino, Bryan Konietzko, Gene Yang

Writer: Gene Yang

Illustrator: Gurihiru Studios