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Both Lao and Loban wish to have the Avatar and his friends escorted away from the refinery, but they refuse to leave without talking to them first. This response is met by their security guards, the Rough Rhinos, who gleefully engage in combat with Team Avatar.

The kids handle themselves extremely well, with Sokka and Katara drawing members away while Aang and Toph clean up the rest. Even the Air Acolytes lend a hand, despite being told by Aang to leave the area. They still wish to celebrate Yangchen's Festival no matter what. After accidentally coming to the river, the remaining Rough Rhinos are frozen by Katara's Waterbending, with a stick of dynamite ready to explode in one of the warriors' hands. Sokka gets rid of it just in time, where the explosion reveals the entrance to a mine.

The Avatar and his acolytes find a nice restaurant situated right where a large tree once stood that he and Monk Gyatso would always eat under. Aang begins the ritual, which unknowingly sends him into the Spirit World, where he's greeted by Avatar Yangchen. She warns him of the threat facing Yu Dao, one she's dealt with before, having fought the spirit General Old Iron just after she's mastered the elements. This spirit was avenging the death of his friend Lady Tienhai, having already known humans to be destroyers of spirits. She got him to stop his rampage by agreeing to celebrate the spirits every year, a ritual that came to be known as Yangchen's Festival. But because this tradition had been forgotten, Old Iron is returning for revenge.

Sokka and Katara investigate the mine, finding it full of workers from the refinery, and the cause of the pollution they'd seen earlier. After fighting with more Rough Rhinos guarding the mine, they damage the support beams and cause an earthquake. Sokka tells everyone to evacuate, but they refuse, needing the work to get by, and only a direct order from their bosses would get them to leave. Sokka gives them just that, heading all the way back to the surface and storming Lao Beifong's office, where he finds Toph trying to talk to him. Lao is unaware of the mine, but follows Sokka in order to learn the truth.

When Lao learns the mine is real, he orders everyone to leave, before Loban arrives and stops them. He was the one who built the mine, unable to leave so much precious iron ore unclaimed just for the sake of safety. One of the Rough Rhinos attacks Sokka, damaging another support beam, and brings the entire mine down on everyone. The earthquake shakes Aang out of the Avatar State, losing his chance to learn how to properly perform Old Iron's appeasement. He and the acolytes head out to see if people need help, where Aang finds Sokka leading people out of the mine, and he informs Aang that Katara and Toph are still down there. Aang starts Earthbending to free them, but hears Katara's voice stop him, with there being too much iron ore in the ground for him to manipulate it. They're okay for now, but Toph is using every ounce of strength she has to keep those remaining from being buried.

Issue: "The Rift - Part Two"

Release date: 7/2/14

Story: Mike Dante DiMartino, Bryan Konietzko, Gene Yang

Writer: Gene Yang

Illustrator: Gurihiru Studios