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Sokka races to the Beifong Metalbending Academy to bring back Toph's students so they can Metalbend her out of the mine. Toph passes the time by talking with Satoru and with her father, who apologizes to her and admits that he and her mother went their separate ways once they knew they'd never get her back.

Sokka and the students finally arrive, and with Aang's help, they lift all of the debris off of Toph and clear the mine for the gang to come back up to the surface. When Loban spies all of the iron ore that was brought up as a result of the rescue effort, he gathers it all up while sending out the Rough Rhinos to keep everyone else at bay so he can have the profits all to himself.

Uncovering General Old Iron's mask rouses his spirit, and he arrives to lay waste to everyone. Aang pleads with him to stop, but he wants the refinery destroyed. Aang promises to do so if he'll end the attack, but Lao wants the refinery spared because he sees it as a symbol of the hard work the Earth Kingdom and the Fire Nation has done together, in a time of peace. He begs Toph to use her skills as the world's greatest Earthbender to save what he loves and what everyone needs.

Aang can't understand why Toph would get in his way, but Toph explains that General Old Iron's traditions need to die for the sake of the future. General Old Iron lashes out at Aang for not being able to deliver his promise, so he shifts his focus to who stands in the way of the refinery, attacking Toph. Aang becomes furious, and in the Avatar State blows a hole through Old Iron's chest. Aang apologizes for his hasty move, but Old Iron realizes that he is a relic, and that when faced with the loss of human lives, the Avatar will always choose humanity, for he is among them.

Aang meditates to find peace in the light of Old Iron's situation, when he is met by Lady Tienhai, who explains to him that Old Iron's anger was from his inability to let her go. She gave up her immortality to live and love as a human, and now she changes form as she goes through her many lives. This inspires Aang, who brings everyone out to celebrate the friendship of the spirits, in a way that isn't exactly like Yangchen's Festival, but it's a new tradition that reflects modern times.

Issue: "The Rift - Part Three"

Release date: 11/18/14

Story: Mike Dante DiMartino, Bryan Konietzko, Gene Yang

Writer: Gene Yang

Illustrator: Gurihiru Studios