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The Order of the White Lotus reaches a home in the Southern Water Tribe, where they are introduced a young girl who has the power to Waterbend, Earthbend and Firebend. Her name is Korra. Having ended a long search for the new Avatar, they take her to their compound to be trained well for her future role as the planet's protector and beacon. Many years pass, and Korra has become an expert in her first three elements, however she is completely unable to Airbend. Tenzin, the son of Avatar Aang and the only Airbender who could possibly serve as her mentor comes to visit, but unfortunately cannot take time away from Republic City, as it's going through a very unstable time. Korra suggests she go back with Tenzin instead, which the Order of the White Lotus objects to, wishing to protect her from its many dangers. Left with no options, Korra watches as Tenzin and his family leave.

That night, a frustrated Korra decides to run away from the only home she's ever known, and embark on a new journey in order to complete her Avatar training. She stows away on a cargo ship bound for for the United Republic. Once there, she's amazed by all the sights and sounds she's never experienced, as well as all of the rules she's never been advised to follow. This all comes to a head when she sees a group of thugs threaten a proprietor and bends them into next week, allowing for their arrest by local authorities, as well as her own for destroying public property in the process.

After the police chief has a few words with her, Tenzin arrives to settle the dispute, annoyed that Korra would come all this way just to cause him more of a headache than he's already dealing with. He promises to send her home, but she feels that she can do far more good where she is, hoping to bring the peace and unity that she's been told all her life that she was meant to. In the end, Tenzin agrees, understanding that Republic City isn't his father's legacy as much as Korra herself is. During a press conference announcing her arrival, a masked man confirms a golden opportunity to make a name for himself.

Episode: Chapter One - "Welcome To Republic City"

Air date: 4/14/12

Writers: Mike Dante DiMartino, Bryan Konietzko

Cast: Carlos Alazraqui, Cora Baker, Dee Bradley Baker, Maria Bamford, Steve Blum, Darcy Rose Byrnes, Richard Epcar, Lance Henriksen, Stephen Root, Eva Marie Saint, Kiernan Shipka, J.K. Simmons, Janet Varney, Logan Wells

Directors: Joaquim Dos Santos, Ki Hyun Ryu