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As Aang arrives in the Spirit World, he's greeted by Avatar Roku, where the boy explains that he's looking for the Moon and ocean spirits. Roku doesn't know where they are, but he knows the only one who might, though this could prove very dangerous for Aang. His name is Koh, but if Aang shows any emotion to him at all, Koh will steal his face and trap his soul in the Spirit World forever.

Aang eventually finds the Realm of Koh, and comes face to face with the face stealer. Aang asks where the Moon and ocean spirits are, and Koh tells him that he's already met them. Aang wonders what he's talking about, when he remembers the two fish swimming in the Spirit Oasis, and figures they must be the two he's been searching for. He leaves Koh, and Hei Bai shows up to guide him back to the mortal world.

When Aang gets there, his body's not at the Spirit Oasis, so his spirit flies to where Zuko took him, which leaves a light in the sky that his friends use to find where he and Zuko are. Aang awakens, and Zuko manages to hold him down, but only until the gang arrives, and Katara easily overpowers him with some Snowbending. They gather Zuko and tie him up, then fly back to the Spirit Oasis as fast as they can.

Meanwhile, Admiral Zhao has breached the Northern Water Tribe's defenses, and he reaches the Spirit Oasis, where he learned long ago that the Moon and ocean spirits, Tui and La, were living on Earth. He scoops Tui into a bag, and the Moon instantly glows an ominous red. Yue feels sick, revealing that she was gravely ill as a baby, and by her father praying to the Moon spirit, it gave a portion of its energy to save her life. Zhao laughs in triumph as the kids arrive, and demand he return the Moon spirit to the pond. Zhao only responds by Firebending Tui, causing the Moon to darken completely, and removing the power of every Waterbender on the planet.

Zhao escapes in the confusion, while Aang enters the Avatar State in a rage, and merges with the equally enraged La, where they form a monstrous water creature that swats the Fire Nation ships away like toys. Yue understands that if Tui could give its life to her, she could give her life back, and despite Sokka's protests, she sacrifices herself for the Moon to live again. Sensing Tui's return, La separates from Aang and returns to the ocean, where it finds Zhao trying to slip away, and drags him to the ocean's depths as revenge.

Sokka reports the bad news to Chief Arnook, who reveals he had a vision of this day, making him both proud of his daughter and saddened by her loss. Pakku tells Aang that he plans to venture to the South Pole and bring them back to their former prominence, so the remainder of his training shall be administered by Katara.

Episode: Chapter Twenty - "The Siege of the North, Part 2"

Air date: 12/2/05

Writer: Aaron Ehasz

Cast: Dee Bradley Baker, Dante Basco, Johanna Braddy, Victor Brandt, Erik Todd Dellums, Jack DeSena, Ben Diskin, Zach Tyler Eisen, James Garrett, Mark Hamill, Jason Isaacs, Mako, Scott McAfee, Jon Polito, Mae Whitman

Director: Dave Filoni