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The Last Airbender SMITE game introduces Avatar characters!
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SMITE game introduces Avatar characters!
The popular online MOBA game SMITE: Battleground of the Gods has announced that starting next Wednesday, July 1, you will be able to collect skins for characters reflecting the Avatar franchise! Not only will you be able to play as Aang, Zuko and Korra, but they have additional modes in the Avatar State and the Blue Spirit respectively.

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Quote:Set to drop in July, the latest from the popular MOBA title that reports over 30 million active players has taken a well received left turn from the usual mythology and gods as heroes to include characters from the Avatar series. The video reveal, tweeted by the official SMITE Twitter account, included Aang, Zuko, Korra as well as different skins for existing characters: Master Wizard Merlin transforms into Aang, Japanese God Susano becomes Zuko and Norse Goddess of Winter Skadi takes the place of Korra.

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